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optimum console

An example of our Optimum Console line of products

Versatile precision cleaning systems available in aqueous and semi-aqueous — manual, automated, and custom.

The Crest Ultrasonics Optimum Console is a cost-effective, highly flexible solution for all industrial precision cleaning applications. Engineered with a compact, space-saving design and rugged, stainless steel tubular frame, it offers the convenience of an all-in-one, wash-rinse-dry design with a single-point facility connection for easy installation.

4- or 5-station designs available for immediate delivery

The 4-station wash-rinse-rinse-dry is ideal for cleaning at the microscopic level. And the 5-station wash-wash-rinse-rinse-dry system is configured for Dual Process or semi-aqueous precision cleaning applications. Standard tanks sizes (for manual and automated consoles) range from 10″L x 14″W x 10″D to 24″L x 36″W x 20″D. Custom tank sizes are also available.

Click on the tabs below to discover all of your Optimum Console equipment options:

Manual Optimum Console

Our manual Optimum Consoles are our base models, most commonly used in industrial applications where ultimate control in ultrasonic precision cleaning is not required, or where budget is an restraining issue over automation.

Every manual console includes:

  • Manually adjustable digital temperature and timing controls — Allows operator to set each independently, per wash, rinse, and dry station.
  • Smallest possible footprint — Saves space by maximizing compact design, with easy replacement of vapor degreasers.
  • 316L stainless steel tanks — For maximum wear resistance and lifespan.
  • Standard wire baskets — Available to fit inside each of our standard-size tanks.
  • GenesisTM generators — Patented, constant power provides TRU-SWEEPTM sweep frequency cleaning action. Available in 25, 40, 58, 132, and 192 kHz frequencies, each designed for specific cleaning applications
  • Heated ultrasonic wash station(s) — Provides high-intensity heated ultrasonic cleaning with filtered recirculation with overflow weir to remove oil and particulate contaminants, which automatically maintains a cleaner solution.
  • Heated ultrasonic rinse station(s) — Provides two-stage, reverse flow cascade rinse with spray-over immersion, which conserves space and water usage, while maximizing rinses for spot-free drying.
  • High-efficiency recirculating hot air dryer(s) — With unique updraft air flow design to dry parts quickly with compressed air blow-off to allow speed and efficiency. (Much better drying solution than traditional ultrasonic cross-flow or convection drying.)
  • Sliding dryer cover — Promotes fast drying and protects against injury from flying particles.
  • HEPA-type filters — Removes microscopic particles during drying cycle.
  • Electrical control box — Conveniently located for easy access.
  • Single point utility connection — Fully plumbed and valved to single point for quick and easy installation.

Optimum automated consoleOur automated Optimum Consoles are stock items based on our manual models, but drastically reduce the need for human interaction by replacing manual temperature and timing controls with Programmable Logic Control (PLC) operations. Upgrading to PLC provides significant benefits, including:

  • Programmable recipes — so your washes and rinses are timed perfectly each cycle. eliminating human error
  • Auto-advancing through the cycles — so your operators can spend more of their time on more important, more profitable tasks
  • Load Stations — With basket sensors to automatically activate transport and process cycle.

See screenshots of our Programmable Logic Controls.

Click on the “Manual” tab above to read about the other features and benefits of our standard equipment. Or click on the “Custom” tab to learn about how you can trick-out your Optimum Console to make it a one-of-a-kind precision cleaning console for your particular ultrasonic cleaning needs.

Custom Optimum ConsoleOne type of “custom” Optimum Console we offer is a passivation unit for ultrasonically precision cleaning stainless steel. We call it our “made-to-order standard” console. A 5-station configuration of wash-rinse-passivation-rinse-dry, it allows you to remove iron residue that is introduced during the manufacturing of stainless steel, so the final cleaned items will not rust. We can produce your semi-custom passivation Optimum Console for either manual or automated operation, the latter of which uses our Programmable Logic Control technology.

Other than the semi-custom passivation unit, our custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment development offers truly one-of-a-kind consoles that adapt our basic system to:

  • as many stations as you want
  • with auto-forwarding from station-to-station
  • with manual or automated timing and temperature guages
  • in any size you need
  • to meet the demands of any production item, industry, or government standards in the world

See screenshots of our Programmable Logic Controls.

Whether you elect to purchase a manual, automated, or custom Optimum Console, we offer you many optional equipment solutions to further adapt your console to your needs. We offer over 80 different items for maximum flexibility, so please contact one of our worldwide sales representatives to discuss all options that may suit your needs. But here are some of our most commonly ordered options for Optimum Consoles:

  • RoTumblerchinese农村野外woman chinese农村野外woman ,孕交videosgratis孕妇 孕交videosgratis孕妇 ,欧美另类videossexo18 欧美另类videossexo18 TM Rotating Basket System — Perfect for applications where fixturing is difficult or where parts tend to cup fluids. For loads up to 250 pounds. Read more about our precision cleaning rotating basket system.
  • Closed Loop Water System — Environmentally safe, efficient recycling of rinse water for ultrasonic cleaning systems, spray systems and overflow rinse systems. Read more about our rinse water recylcling system.
  • Custom Fixtured Baskets — Uniquely configured for ideal cleaning of intricate parts.
  • Sliding Dryer Cover Automatic Activation — Reduces manual labor time, increases assured closer.
  • Oil coalescers/system replenisher — For cleaning applications that require ongoing removal of oil and other contaminants without interrupting the processing. Custom sized to fit system.
ModelInternal Tank
(L x W x D)
(L x W x D)
Per Station
Dryer Heat/CFM
OC4-1014-HE10" x 14" x 10"80" x 34" x 38"500 W1 kW2 kW5 kW/1100
OC5-1014-HE10" x 14" x 10"95" x 34" x 38"500 W1 kW2 kW5 kW/1100
OC4-1218-HE12" x 18" x 12"89" x 38" x 39"1000 W2 kW3 kW5 kW/1100
OC5-1218-HE12" x 18" x 12"106" x 38" x 39"1000 W2 kW3 kW5 kW/1100
OC4-1622-HE16" x 22" x 16"110" x 43" x 44"1000 W4 kW4 kW10 kW/1100
OC5-1622-HE16" x 22" x 16"132" x 43" x 44"1000 W4 kW4 kW10 kW/1100
OC4-1826-HE18" x 26" x 18"119" x 46" x 44"1500 W4 kW6 kW12.5 kW/1100
OC5-1826-HE18" x 26" x 18"141" x 46" x 44"1500 W4 kW6 kW12.5 kW/1100
OC4-2436-HE24" x 36" x 20"157" x 56" x 52"3500 W8 kW12 kW20 kW/1800
OC5-2436-HE24" x 36" x 20"189" x 56" x 52"3500 W8 kW12 kW20 kW/1800

NOTE: Standard power requirements on models 1014 through 1826: 240 VAC/60 HZ/3 phase; Model 2436: 480 VAC/60 Hz/3 phase. Other voltages are available.

* Dimensions do not include load/unload tables for automation or 15″ external generator rack.

Also see our complete line of ultrasonic cleaning solutions:

Crest Ultrasonics brand ultrasonic cleaning solutions are uniquely formulated to work flawlessly with our ultrasonic equipment in the cleaning and passivation of many different metal and plastic materials.

ORDER NOW: Call 1-800-99CREST (27378) or contact us today!

FREE DEMO for qualified applicants (only). Speak with a sales rep to learn more.

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